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2005 frontier SES and/or shutter problem

just wondering if anyone could help me with a problem ive been dealing with for about a year now.

my SES light has been on for as long as i can remember, and after $3000 in repairs that probably didnt help, im getting kind of angry.

my code is p1273, air fuel sensor 1 heater bank 1.

ive replaced the catalytic converter, and countless 02 sensors. is there anything else this could be? how do i know which 02 sensor i need to fix? i had all of my work done by mechanic, so im not entirely sure if they fixed one, or both of the sensors on the catalytic converter, im almost 100% certain they fixed both, but with the luck ive been having, who knows.

any help is greatly appreciated.

ALSO: my truck seems to shutter when im driving, my friends say its my torque converter. everytime i shut my overdrive off, it stops shuttering, and doesnt shutter as long as my OD is off. any suggestions there as well?
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