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I realize rthis thread has gotten off the original thread topic on the last page, but I wanted to post my thoughts to the original thread topic anyway (I have read the eintire thread).

Now, for anyone hoping to see a Z32 in a future F & F movie, I would hope you are kidding or havn't thought it though. Every cars that's in F & F seams to suddenly attract the bandwagon crowd. The people who don't really care about cars, don't know a thing, don't really want to know...the "hey, they look cool and are in a movie, so I want one" attitude. It's quite sad.

The 300ZX is a beautiful car, it has looks, power,'s the whole package. Yet the beautey is this car is still where most of these cars were BEFORE F & F...unregonized by all but the true car enthusiast. A true car buff knows the 300ZX is one heck of a car, but all the posers have no clue. I like it that way.

In one aspect, most exposure like that may seem neat, but be careful what you wish for or t may come true. How many car's went from unknown to the bandwagon effect due to these movies?

The answer, every one. Now everyone wants a Skyline or Supra, yet knows nothing and cares not to learn. They think all Esclipe's are "the bomb," failing to realize that any DSM without GS-T or GS-X on the back is in fact a neon motor and drivetrain in an Eclispe body...hardly (pardon the pun) "fast or furious."

Suddenly, everyone knows the EVO, never mind the fact it's been ruling the World Rally Circut for a decade, in it's various incarnations. How many of these people realize the reason the GS-X and GS-T Ecsilpe is any good is the same reason the Evo's are all good...a 4G63. These movies pollute the car scence with wannabe's who don't care and just want to be cool, half the time with "mom and dad" bankrolling it.

I remember when I first bought a car finally, a Civic. No one had a clue about "Honda power", and everybody didn't buy one and "trick it out." Like with most cars, it was a sort of labor of love. Then things started to get worse, and that d*mn movie did it in...everyone wanted one. Suddenly the cheap, easy to work on fun gave you a bad name to drive. Everywhere you look is some lime green Integra with a gutter sized wing.

The 300ZX is a great car, and plenty of good cars have gotten a bad name or been and had the ranks polluted by these "movies." I would hate to see a car like the 300ZX follow down that path. You can't change the past and keep the wanna-be's from ruining the names of "other cars," but it would be a relief if the Z32 never had to go down that route. Right now, only the real car buffs know about the Z32 and it's true potenial...let's keep it that way.

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