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Re: 500HP Hennessey Lexus LX 570 Supercharged

Originally Posted by Sara308 View Post
I have a son who will soon be 16, and I want to buy him Lexus lx570 2011. I have a 2008 Lx, but for kids all the best is how do you think I'll make the right decision about buying such a car to him? . What types of insurance policies exist for minors and how does it work? Thank you.
Hi my Lexus lx570 was made in 2012, and before this was Lexus lx570 made in 2007 and I can say that the new machine is much better and less likely to break. Very cool of course gift to his son, probably he is a fine fellow), I can advise you only what is better to take with 4 doors, since it will be easier, but I think you will make the right choice. With regard to insurance, I have been working as an insurance broker for many years and I can advise you to read this site . How much I would not look for different sites, on this you will find the most current insurance and information about them.
And yes I think you can take his car =)
Good luck!
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