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Bring this 1963 jeep to life!

Hello! This might not be the proper forum for this, but I figure the experts have gotta be on here!

I'm writing a story currently set in 1977. The family owns a 1963 Jeep Wagoneer. I'm trying to add detail to the story by giving this vehicle some personality. The scene I'm working on involves the father teaching his 15 year old son to help him with maintenance. Oil change is an obvious task, but what else would he be able to do on his own? The father is an engineer and isn't a stranger to tools, but I don't want to say they replaced the brake pads and describe something I know nothing about.

There is also the scene later where his son learns to drive and one much later where the poor thing gets a bit abused because they're in a hurry. My mom once told me she had a car that could skip gears. Is that common? Would there be any other traits that might happen with an older vehicle like this?

My dad was an auto mechanic back then, but he passed away when I was young. I have some rudimentary knowledge of cars and love classic cars, but don't have any experience driving or working on them.

Can anyone help me bring this imaginary jeep to life?

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