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Final Drive Ratios Stock Tune

I have a 4T60E in my 98 Grand Am with the 2.4L Twincam that has the 3.05 differential assembly and wanting to swap in the 3.29 diff. Stock the trans already has the 33/37 chain sprocket which is a 3.42 ratio with the 3.05 diff. So im wondering if I will have any problems adding the 3.29 diff to make a 3.66 overall ratio? will it run in limp mode, not go over 25 mph, get hot, and shift hard. Also I have a plus zero tire going from stock 195/70R14 to 205/70R14. I do have a BandM line pressure adjuster off the vacuum modulator to help with the shift firmness. Can the swap be done and the computer like it?
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