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Versa quality

What am I missing JD Power and Consumer report states that this car is a total piece of crap initial quality and long term. I donít know where they are getting their data but all of the user reviews Iíve seen say they love the car. I check all of the forums and I donít see any sitckys on how the head gaskets or transmissions are going go out like I do on so many other cars. Iíve looked everywhere and I just canít find where people are having repetitive problems with these cars. I see posts like I ran it out of oil now my engine is bad well yeah thatís going to happen but I donít see posts where every car built is going to have the same major catastrophe at about the same mileage.

Have I bought a POS or not? I have a 1000 miles on my 2013 and so far I am very happy with it. Should I be saving the money I saved for a life of repair bills?
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