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Re: 1996 c20, chevy van air problems

Originally Posted by gtnmuddy View Post
I know someone has the easy answer because I'm out of ideas.

Trying to repair the air conditioner on a 96 C20 chevy van.

Here is what I know so far:

1. 20 A fuse good
2. freon pressure switch working ok (has continunity)
3. Diode on compressor clutch good.


1. Clutch on compressor not engaging
2. heater fan not operating

What happened before all this:
1. Air was working but low on freon (R134)
2. freon and leak sealer injected in system.
3. Unit worked for about 45 minutes
4. blew 20A fuse
5. replaced fuse, no blower/compressor operation
6. 20A fuse did not blow again

My thought is maybe a fuse link in the wiring. I dont have a schematic of this unit so troubleshooting is by guess.

Anyone got any ideas?

I do not show a G-20 in 96.

Fuse for selector switch should be 25 amp.

No blow and compressor engagement.
Check selector swith for power in to it and power and out to blower and compressor controls.

Leak sealer in ac SYSTEM IS A NO NO.
Only stops some leaks
It will kill your AC stuff.
Remember proper testing gives us the answer to many problems.
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