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Re: Best Sleeper In STOCK Form

Originally Posted by sleeperwiz65 View Post
A good sleeper car requires it to LOOK stock and be a classic i have a 67 Fairlane GT that I put about $70,000 into. It has a button and 2 electronic swithes to activate the following (the button activates hydlalics to get the car down low so it doesnt pop a wheelie, the first switch turns a Paxton Supercharger on/off giving it 800 hp and the other switch moves the tail pipes to make it sound like it has 800hp) so when those little preppies in their imported japanese cars here her roar thell **** thereself.
So only classic cars can be sleepers?

Maybe you should have invested some of that money in yourself and taken some basic English spelling and grammar courses as well.

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