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Thumbs down Sexist question

I happen to think that not just women should know things about cars, but men also. I know plenty of men who know little about cars, and women who know alot.

It's sexist to ask that type of question. There are two genders in our world. Get used to it. When I heard from the owner of Jim Smith Chevrolet, when he heard about my experiences with his dealership, and service department, he asked, "You mean it wasn't helpful that a woman service rep was behind the counter?"

Anyone, male or female, who owns are car should know the basics, from how to change a flat, to oil changes, and tips on emergency fixes to get you to the nearest safe spot to wait for help, or nearest service station.

What gender a person is, shouldn't reflect their knowledge. Otherwise, maybe we should suggest that men should know more about expressing their emotions, using maxi pads and tampons, how to do laundry, cook, and clean, and all the other "woman stuff" men assume we do.
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