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what to check for?

aight here is the dealio, my friend is looking into getting a 88 crx hf, with a b18c in it, it also has N2O hooked up, i think the guy said it was a 80 shot but not 100% sure, we will be taking a trip to check it out, it's several hundred miles away so it'll prolly be one trip, what should i look for to make sure its in good condition with the N2O? what questions should i ask before we even go. i already asked what kit he put on it but didn't get a reply as of yet. the guy actually seems to be knowledgable so thats a plus. um also when i take it out for a test drive( i will prolly be doin all of that as he has no licience and isn't too fam. with honda's, he's used to big ol' cars, like camaros) what should i look for in the way the engine responds to the nitrous if its all hooked up and i can give it a crack what should i look for and becafe i don't do? never drove, or even rode in a car with it. i know only at wot, but do i necessary have to be in any specific gear? i know not to try it in first as it goes by really quick. how long will the burst last?
what should i look for when the engine kicks into V-TEC, it does have a V-TEC controller i know of, uh i know what to look for in general when looking to buy a car, but i've never bought a hybrid before or rode in a V-TEC equiped car so i don't know what to expect. anything i should really look for?

sorry for the novel just wanna get some info
90- crx si w/ a D16a Vtec and a few goodies, oh and 60k miles on it heh
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