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Re: Your Car Audio System

Ok. Here's what I got.

New Negative cable - CHECK
Alternator to battery postive - Just to the harness.
Chassis to engine - CHECK Just with leftover 10 gauge though.

Ok. My alternator is connected to the harness where it's originally at. Should I disconnect it from there and run it to the battery? I believe I have a 60 amp alternator and it was rebuilt, but my idiot lights flicker a lot even though the damn thing is charging and reads the proper voltage. Schucks has a 70 amp alternator for my van and doesn't cost a whole lot. If I run a wire from the alternator to the battery, I should use a fusible link, right?

Oh. When I ran 10 gauge ground cable from the chassis to the alternator and to the engine, it did make a big difference in how it starts, how it runs, and how it charges.

What gauge should I use from the alternator to the battery? I have leftover 4 gauge that came with my amplifier wiring kit. But I won't use it unless you guys say it's alright.
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