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Re: Your Car Audio System

I did pay $130 for that sub and $110 for the amp. I would never pay $630 for just sub and amp. That $630 paid for my entire stereo system, speakers and all.

Yeah. I'm very pleased with this HU as well. I kept looking at these regular LED display units that were less than $200. Then I looked at the next one up that was an OEL display. Then I thought "I'm getting that one." Then I decided to take a look at the next one up. Hmmmm. I thought, well, this one that costs more has an automatic sound levelizer and displays volts. Well, I'm curious to know what my voltage reads and I don't want to have to keep messing with my volume control when I stop and go. So I thought "I'm getting THIS ONE!!!" So, I did.

What's the big 3 you're talking about? I was gonna get a capacitor off eBay.
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