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Originally posted by Aquamander
Thanks for the tip Schlud. That info will come in handy for my install.
BTW, I had heard that SLR revised the older shackles with a newer design that takes out the extra space between the shackle and leaf and/or the hangar. Is there any validity to this? I didn't hear of this until after I had ordered them. I was just planning on turning some bushings out of some stainless bar stock I had laying around the shop, or perhaps finding some urathane bushings that I could have made work. I don't know, taking a look at Goth's pic it looks like there is no space there.
I don't have the space problem. Chuck did, and we tried to put washers in his shackles last night. The problem was the washers he got weren't large enough to clear the metal sleeve that SLR provides.

So whatever solution you use to close the space, make sure the inside hole is large enough to go around the sleeve as that metal is already touching (or close) to the shackles.
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