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They do Sam, I'm talking more like at full boost. About 70k is norm spooling point for turbos. And when 70,000 ****ing rpms is normal you know you got some really evil **** happening.

Anyway, its not so much a matter of pushing air. Its a matter of pushing air into a confined space. It feels like you can push alot of air with your lungs, blow out and it feels like a good amount of air flow. A little plastic straw will burst with only a few psi in it yet no matter how hard you blow you'll never get it to split open. This is the same with engines. Trying to push air with an electric turbo or even the leaf blower and they just can't make any power because once the pressure does start building it begins to push back against the fan. And the fan can't push back hard enough so it begins to stall after you get to the point where the engine isn't sucking or maybe you're making like 1 psi or so. This is why compressor outlets on exhaust turbine turbos are tiny, one because the fan is tiny but two because it allows very little space for all that pressure (15 psi is the difference between sea level and space. Dive under water about 15-20 feet and feel the pressure trying to collapse your lungs, and thats only like 4-5 psi there. Or something like that, my numbers may not be dead on, more like pulled out of the back of my head). to flow backwards.
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