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Re: Twin Turbo Swap... READ

alright, just to set you straight right now, those electric superchargers you see on ebay are absolutely 100% useless, most likely they will decrease performance rather than increase... i had a site that had stuff on it but i can't remember it now... most likely you will want to swap your engine to one that's already turbocharged, it will save you quite a bit of trouble.. it'd be even less trouble to just buy a turbocharged Z and go from there. the stock boost for a z31t is 4-5 psi... why the engineers did that, i'm not exactly sure, but you can buy a decent boost controller and up the boost to 8-10 psi... better yet, read the turbo faq on
as for building a good ram air system, it doesn't get much better than the stock position, just install a nice 9" cone filter in there and put a pipe in place of the intake resonator for a better intake sound.. if you really wanted to get hardcore, you could probably send your hood in to get louvered or put some sort of mini scoop on there to allow more air to get at the filter... of course then you're dealing with the chance of water entering the filter... hydrolock would most likely never be a problem but you never know... time for me to stop rambling...
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1988 300zx turbo 5spd. 3" mandrel exhaust, filter, afco rad, e-fan, poly engine mounts, mbc at 8.5 psi, turboxs rfl-h bov, gutted plenum, etc.

blown turbo, under construction.. gt35 coming.
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