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You guys are great,but you can't burn a old fart like me, and if burn down my barn, and pawn my elderly, I'll paint your car green and hide it in the grass and you'll never find it.
I was not telling anyone doing a VH swap was better than changing you VG30DETT. Presonally I think is't best to sell your NA and buy a TT.
I have 3 Z32's. 2 with VG30 engines and I'm not going into details on them but a 3rd I got with a blown engine. Being a old drag racer from before any of you were born, and already having 2 Z32's I desided to do something different. After lots of research desided on the VH45DE cause it was lighter than a VG engine and using the VH bellhousing well bolt up to the Z32 transmission, leaving only to fab the motor mounts and exhaust.
Now if any of you went to the National Hotrod Museum and look up the "Glass Slipper" you'll see I'm not a 4th rank amateur, 3rd but not 4th. Being I have the ability and knowledge to do all the work myself and all the time in the world, and God welling, I don't die before I complete my projects, I'll give you a break down of what it's cost me to date:

VH45DE engine $450

VH45DE bellhousing $100

4 core radator $300

Fab motor mounts $000 made them myself ,,very simple

mport Performance Transmission w/ 3,500 stall torque converter. Already had it and was planning putting it one of the other Z's but changed my mind.

VH45DE wiring harness and computer $200

2 condenser coils for A/C $400

Tubing 3" SS for exhaust $180

SS plate maching work and tubing for headers $330

Total cash out of pocket $1,960

Now this isnt counting electric power to run the welder and wire ties, and other odds and ends.

Bottom line is I'm starting with a engine which a very flat torque and more power than a VG engine. In the Q45 with tall gears does 0-60 5.7 sec 4,085lb car. In the Z32 with 4.08 gears and 900lbs lighter, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out it well be quicker.
And thats stock. As for building it up to blow the doors off Vett's and such, it will cost about the same as building up a VG engine. JWT is real proud of cost of their parts. In talking to Ed Pink, who builds the Infiniti 35A engines which is the same basic engine as the VH45DE, he has put me onto the people to get parts from. Cams, Web Cams, ,bout same price as JWT cams. Pistons, Aries, "bout same price as Ford and Chevy V8's. Crank and rods are better than aftermarket but need ARP bolts. The heads well need to be ported, but the valves are titinum so no need to change them. Nitrous, have many different kits already. Supercharger, most likely use a Eaton M112 cause to upgrade all I have to do is change pulley diameters.
So far everyone who has seen the engine in the car don't know the difference. It's been in and out 3 different times fitting mounts and hedders. They think it's stock, cause they don't know Z's. As for having the baddest Z on the block, I don't race Z's, just the wanna be's. But it you challange me I just might take you up on it, for trying to burn me, you didn't get up early enough.
I see this site as a place to learn, not burn people with different ideas. A place to seek help when needed, and not to be criticize for asking. The automobile wouldn't be where it is today if someone had'nt dared to be different.
When I started racing we had to build everything. Their wasn't a JWT or Isky. Drag slicks weren't even invented yet.
Remember one thing, You can't beat cubic inches, or teach a old dog new tricks.
See ya at the finish line.
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