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Re: Re: Re: Twin Turbo Swap... READ

Originally Posted by Broke_as_****
Anyway, I didn't mean to rant about the 2+2, just seems that's what everyone but me is hot for. To each his own I guess.
i wish i had a 2-seater TT....actually if i already didnt have most of the parts i needed to convert my n/a auto to a TT 5-speed...and i just didnt finance a new car. i probably would have just took out a loan and bought a nice TT. but yeah, whatever...i did finance another car and i do have most of the parts i need to change my n/a auto to a TT 5-speed so....thats kind of out the f***in window now. i guess i will have to settle for a 2+2 TT, shucks
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