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Re: Re: Twin Turbo Swap... READ

Originally Posted by Rymturna
I havent seen this addressed:
Is the driveshaft length on the 2+2 and 2 seater different?
Yes. But it's not a problem since you can get an appropriate sized drive shaft built for just that application for a couple hundred dollars.

Or would it be *realistically* possible to: RHD JDM front clip + N/A 2+2 = RHD 2+2 TT?
Possible: Sure. Have the parts, just a matter of going through the entire car forward of the front seats and changing what you need to.

I know the RHD is next to impossible, but i had to throw it in there...another argument for another day (cost vs. gains).
Hardly impossible. Just time consuming and expensive (cutting holes in the firewall for clutch, brakes, steering and throttle, switching all of the above to the otherside of the engine bay, rerouting the exhaust etc and so on). So *realistically* possible? No, not really. If you are really that dead hard up for a RHD TT 2+2 it might just be easier to import one, if that says anything about the requirements of the process.

Anyway, a LHD 2+2 TT?
Easily done.
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