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Re: obdII help

So when I returned to work I tested the charging system and found it to be ok. That is at idol.
I'm wondering if the alternator could be flaking out at different RPMs and causing voltage problems.

The final readings so far are:

Fuel Sys 1 cl
Fuel Sys 2 cl
Calc load 6.6%
Ect 195.8 deg F
STFT B1 -2.3%
LTFT B1 12.5%
STFT B2 0.0%
LTFT B2 14.0%
Map ??? in hg
eng. RPM 901
Veh. Speed 6 mph
Maf 1.07 lb/min
TPS 0.0 %

some how missed MAP sensor this time.

The little Rodeo drives great and shifts wonderful when it is cold, I sure wish I could get to the bottom of the fail safe mode in the transmission. The Check Trans light never comes on except at start up when the system checks it's self.

Any input would be great.
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