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Re: obdII help

So the next day I got an inspiration to remove the ABS fuse and see how things did. IT SHIFTED GREAT! Thought I had zeroed in on the problem and decided to take Rodeo home and see how things went and before I left the lot, it went into safe mode.
Tried with fuse out, clearing codes (none set), fuse in and it would start to shift right but then, FAIL SAFE MODE, again.
These are the readings once I got home:

Fuel Sys 1 cl
Fuel Sys 2 cl
Calc load 4.7%
Ect 120.2 deg F
STFT B1 -5.4%
LTFT B1 10.1%
STFT B2 2.3%
LTFT B2 14.8%
Map 8.5 in hg
eng. RPM 986
Veh. Speed 0 mph
Maf ??? lb/min
TPS 0.0 %

Some how forgot the MAF reading.
It was on this trip that I discovered how the rear defrost button played into the picture.

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