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Re: obdII help

Ok, I have the rest of the stats on this vehicle.

Fuel Sys 1 ol drive
Fuel Sys 2 ol drive
Calc load 56.4%
Ect 158 deg F
STFT B1 1.5%
LTFT B1 .7%
STFT B2 1.5%
LTFT B2 .7%
Map 8 in hg
eng. RPM 3014
Veh. Speed 52 mph
Maf 9.16 lb/min
TPS 54.5 %

These were the results after changing both the up draft and down draft o2 sensors on the passenger side and going for a test drive. The vehicle was still warming up and shifting properly, so upon leaving the 4way stop I gunned it quite well to see how it would handle. Took off great, shifted nicely and then at somewhere around 50-55 mph the check engine light came back on and the unit went back to safe mode shifting.

The codes set where:
2 times p0155 o2 heater circuit bank 2 sensor 1.
p1153 insufficient switching bank 2 sensor 1

Cleared codes and again took for a drive.
Transmission still in safe mode.
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