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Re: Re: 300ZX Drifting Downfalls?

Originally Posted by 240SXSlideStar
Anyone who says they aren't drifted for money reasons is wrong. You think drift teams give a shit about repair costs? People drift FDs all the time and they are in the same price range as Z32s. People drift everything in Japan, but I've never seen a drift Z32, it's not a question of money, there's just something about how the car is built that doesn't make it any good, maybe its to wide and not long enough or maybe the steering angle is garbage, who knows.
Well to let you guys know. There is a kid in Japan that Won Battle of the Drifts in his Z3 . They kept telling him that it really is not the best car to drift in. Two reasons really, wheel base and and the modifications needed to to get the steering angle much more dramatic.

<a href="">pic</a>
<a href="">Link</a>

That should pretty much settle the issue.
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