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Hydraulic Clutch "Almost" dead - Bubble?

My '97 SPORT Sidekick has a hydraulic clutch and it recently went "mostly

I remember having to fill the Master Cylinder Reservoir just after buying the
vehicle used. See earlier thread.

Probably have a bubble in the Master Cylinder.

I bled quite a lot of brake fluid from the Slave Cylinder and got nowhere.

The I went back to the Chilton Manual to see how to replace the Slave and
Master Cylinders when I read the words MORE CAREFULLY (I am an Idiot!)

Air bubbles in the Master Cylinder (MC) require SPECIAL TECHNIQUES to remove!

You are suppose to remove the MC and tilt it 15 degrees to remove the bubbles.

Crap! Stupid way to make something!

I will try something first....being a Chemist, I am going to obtain a ONE HOLE
RUBBER STOPPER and try pulling a vacuum on the Brake Fluid in the Reservoir
to make the bubble come back up thru the Reservoir's entrance hole at the bottom.

IF that doesn't work, I'll do like Chilton says....maybe park on a steep 15 degree hill!

I'll keep you posted.

Has anyone had to take a bubble out of the Master Cylinder before?


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