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What kind of glue should I use?
There are actually several types, and each serves a different purpose:


Do not use the tube type of glue, as it is too messy, but the bottle based glue is superb. It comes with a small brush, and can only be used for basic assembly as it won’t work in the presence of paint, the glued surfaces must be bare plastic. It works by melting the two surfaces together. For initial building purposes, i.e. joining two engine halves together before painting.


The best choice for suspension parts, especially joining the brake discs onto the hubs. Apply using a toothpick, and squeeze a drop onto the toothpick, never try to apply super glue straight from a tube onto the model!

Do not use on or near clear parts, as ‘fogging’ will ruin clear parts turning them white. It can also melt thin plastic, so use sparingly when mounting doors or other panels onto hinges.


The ONLY choice for clear parts, and also non stressed parts, such as rear view mirrors, door mirrors, etc. Very weak until set, the parts often require tacking until the glue takes hold. Also water soluble, and a great way to glue light lenses is to use a few drops to place the part, and when dry, run a thin bead of clear glue round the lens. Then immediately wipe off the access with a wet cloth, leaving a thin bead which fills the gap and dries completely clear.

You will be best served by picking up all three types, and you will soon have a little collection of adhesives...
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