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Re: 79 datson 620

it varys after it stalls it wont start for at least 3 mins when attempting to start after it stalls it does make a chugging sound but when it stalls it is idling even high rpm with my foot pressed in alil not a lot but just abit to make it rev alil, both actions cause it to stall, it does nothing before it stalls. ive used carb cleaner, replaced fuel filter and fuel pump, replaced all bad hoses, what I cant understand is why it idles so beautifully and without warning stalls after about 1-2 mins of running. and sorry for being impatient but I got less then 2 weeks b4 snow comes and I wont be able to work on it at all during the winter so trying to figure out wat my problem is with this car b4 the snow begins.
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