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Re: 79 datson 620

Impatience won't help you get answers any faster. You posted on a Friday night. Every forum I have been on for the last 16 years is slower on the weekends. There are thousands of users on this site, just because you got 31 views doesn't mean one of those viewers were going to be able to help you. Would you rather someone with no real clue offer "help" or wait a few days and get real good advice?

Your post doesn't really help itself either. Saying "after running 2 minutes it stalls" is just like me saying my car is making a noise, what is it?

In order for us to help you, you have to help us with giving more information. After it stalls does it restart easily? Does it start to chug before it stalls? What other things have you done to try to rectify it?
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