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nsx compared to other cars on track

hey guys, all my cousins says skyline is god compared to nsx, ferrari and any other cars. but i love the nsx, i watchthe best motoring videos, and i got a video of the new type r nsx, against porsches and the lamborghini mucheilago? and the ferrari f50.

and nsx kills the porsches and lambo in cornering, but ofcourse in straight line speed they kill the nsx cause of the lower HP. how would a skyline gtr go against the ferari, porsche and all that.

and what is the 0-100kph (60mph) of the nsx type r and the gtr.
1/4 mile,
i know the nsx will kill the skyline in cornering, what about straight line.

i told my friend that racing is not all about striaght line speed, if ur car cant turn as good, that ur gonna lose. but he said straight line speed is the main thing

what can i say about the nsx and skyline.

i told him that ur lucky that honda does not believe and use turbo cause it will kill any car for sure.
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