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my love affair with classics started young.
Family friends had a GTO, uncle had/has a classic porsche (and a few classic Triumph motorcycles, but that's another story)

In high school, I got to drive the '64 Cadillac Coupe DeVille my grandma bought new from the dealer.
That 429 could move that big boat like you wouldn't believe.
Feels like your driving the living room couch.
And plenty of room in the back for extracurricular activities.

(still got the car in the driveway, but it gets less attention now because....)

A couple years ago I bought a 55 Ford TBird.
The first of the birds, and in my opinion, the best looking. Got it from a family friend who gave me a great deal. I am the second owner (unless you count his dad, then I'm 3rd)
This car is great. Not super fast, I think it was rated at 245hp stock.(?) Not too bad for a two-seater.
I'm sure I get more out of it with my 57 intake, Mallory distributor, and Holley 4160.

Soon I'll have even more hp when I get my McCulloch (precursor to Paxton) blower installed.

Hey, GTO, what kind of blower you got in your truck? How much boost?
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