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yours is the same as mine, i believe. You do need to remove the whole strut.

Firstly, with the front struts, remove wheel, undo strut brace bolts, undo strut retaining bolts, undo the top and bottom strut bolt which is on the top and bottom of the black coweling, and the whole strut comes off. Get your spring compressors and wind the spring down. You then need a good pair of pliers or mole grips to hold the centre shaft, and you'll need a deep ring spanner to undo the bolt. Once youve remobed the bolt, carefully remove the cover plate and bushes making sure you know which way they go back on. Then remove the spring. Repeat process to refit.

The rear strut is a bit easier. Remove wheel, look up inside the wheel arch and you'll see a collar around the strut top with two bolts. Remove the bolts at the top, and the bolt at the bottom, and presto! it'll come straight out. Do the same as the front to change the spring and then refit.


Best to jack up the whole front or rear end and do both sides at the sametime.

I'll dig up some photos and post them. If still in doubt, email me.

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