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Seeking Automotive CRM or DMS Systems

Hi all, I am new to this forum, and not sure if this is the best category for my post. I am searching for a good stable, but above all affordable automotive CRM or DMS system for my used car dealership. I have been researching and came up with few big names such as ADP, Vin Solution, Dealer Socket, but they all require a large amount of setup fee, and monthly subscription fees range from 2000 - 5000. Above all the software are mostly web based, they are not an actual desktop application. I also came across a company called Dealer Elite CRM, they seem to be the desktop solution with no setup fees. Monthly cost is alot less, too small as matter of fact that I am afraid they may not meet my requirements. So my question is does anyone has a dealership that is currently running on Dealer Elite CRM? If so what is your opinion on their product. Thank you, and you can reach me by email.
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