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Re: 01 automatic transmission

would be best on lift, but if you are skinny enough(no offense intended or implied), can be done by crawling under rear of car while warm and running. BE CAREFUL of hot exhaust. on driver side, side of trans pan there is a bolt, think it is 21MM, remove bolt. if a little comes out(not alot), then plug it back up and go. if alot comes out, let it drain until it is just slightly running out as there was too much in there. fluid is supposed to be at bottom of bolt hole. it would be best to have this checked on a lift, or if you trust the local lube shop, have them check it on next oil change.
Disclaimer: I am not perfect, i may be wrong in my advice from time to time. Also note that any advice given is as is with no warranty whatsoever, and i have zero liability if you get hurt for not being safe while working on your vehicle.
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