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Re: Ducati 916

Yes I don't know why they paint an engine in green. The Senna edition is metallic grey which is much nicer I think.

Ok, a new update.

I painted the fairings and clearcoated them. Unfortunately one of the fairings felt on the ground and got some dust in the wet clearcoat. I will polish this part till all the dust is gone. I also did some carbon work on a few parts.

After this I started to paint the exhaust. First I sprayed everything in gloss black. Then I added the carbon decals on the mufflers. I clearcoated them and masked them off to paint the chrome. Then I made a mix of Titanium gold, copper and pale gold from Alclad to paint the exhaustpipes. I think they look pretty good.

I also made a start on the frontfork. A lot of masking was done. First I painted them titanium gold and the lower part in a metallic brown. Then i clearcoated the parts. After that I painted the brake calipers in Pale gold.
I drilled out the brake discs and painted them gold and polished aluminium.

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