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Re: Honda NSR500 (1984)

Sorry about the delay in posting this but here is the steps I took to get the expansion chambers the way they are:

1) So to begin I obviously filled the gaps, sanded, rinse and repeat a few times till there are no visible join lines.
2) First light coat is grey Alclad microfiller primer
3) check join lines again and do corrections again
4) Do weld lines, for the exhausts I used some 0.25mm solder wire, glue the wire where it needs to go then once the CA glue has set I used a brass tube cut at a 45 degree angle to make weld indentations
5) second coat of primer again grey alclad
6) sand the primer down with 8000 grit micro-mesh
7) spray semi-gloss black, I used TS-29 decanted into my airbrush
8) spray 1 coat of 2k clear, this should bring up the shine of the black
9) spray chrome metaliser, in this case I used Spaz Stix chrome

Now after this things are a little more based on feel and look, but I used various Alclad metal shades to achieve the different metal shades on the exhaust, the Alclad colours I used were pale burnt metal, hot metal sepia, hot metal red, hot metal blue, transparent orange, pale gold, steel, exhaust manifold and jet exhaust. Its hard to say which of these I used when, because it was just how the exhausts were looking and what shades were required as it was being done. Total time of painting was around about 1 hour including flushing my airbrush quite a few times so it wasnt a short job lol

I hope this helps, any other questions feel free to ask
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