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Re: Honda NSR500 (1984)

Originally Posted by imster View Post
Thanks all for your kind comments! Building has really slowed down over the holiday period but hoping to get this done in the near future lol

John: Thanks mate really appreciate the comments mate. The exhaust cans are plastic one from the kit, the end parts (exhaust tips) are metal parts from the Tamiya fork detail set. I rubbed some 2000 grit on them to take the chrome effect off and give it a more satin looking finish.

The exhaust cans look awesome Imster

The silver/chrome paint on the exhaust cans looks the part - very realistic metal sheen that is not often achieved on plastic. What manufacturer silver/chrome paint did you use?

I was considering buying the more expensive Hobby Design kit for the 84' NSR500 just for the metal exhaust cans, but after seeing what you have achieved - the 4 metal exhaust cans are unnecessary.

I might have some questions later for you Imster on how you achieved the look on the expansion chambers - they are as close to the picture of the actual pipes as I think is possible.

I have seen your other work on escale and here on AF and you have improved your building skills and attention to detail significantly.
I'm quite sure many of the other bike builders will agree with me on that.

don't be concerned about slow going - you take as long as you need and don't compromise this excellent build in a rush to finish.

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