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Re: 1/24 Nissan 300ZX - A copy of my 1:1 car

Lots of work being done, but not so much to show for it yet unfortunately.
A few odds and ends I can show...

My car is an auto, but this isn't an option in the kit. So, outcomes the stick and so starts some scratchbuilding. Just to the left of the interior tub is a white sheet of plastic/styrene (can't remember the exact name) which I'll cut a suitably shaped piece from to put in the auto gear lever section. From here I'll scratch the lever and other various pieces in this section, and generally get it looking as close to the original as I can.

The kit wheels are chromed, but you'll see in the pics of the real car at the start of the thread that they're actually a light aluminium colour in reality. They're not even quite silver. So I ordered some Alclad White Aluminum and shot it straight over the top of the chromed wheels. The result came out fantastically and you can quite easily see the before and after difference below. A slight bit of weathering to the rims and a light coat of clear and they'll be all done.

The rear chassis assembly is mostly done, complete with PE brake discs. The Acu-Stion PE is quite easy to work with compared to some other brands of PE I've used. Most of this section is black with only a few sparse highlights of colour. Of course it's all quite mucky underneath my car but I'm going to keep the kit fairly clean with only light dirtying up.

Some goodies arrived... The decals I'll be using for the pin striping along the side of the car, and also the 24th scale carbon fiber. I actually fitted some carbon look wipers to my 1:1 which look pretty good, so I'll be doing my best to replicate that. Also the MFH Adhesive Cloth arrived. As Rob has said above it'll prove hard to apply to a 1/24 scale seat as the adhesive cloth is quite thick, but it'll work fine for the rear baggage/boot/truck cover.

I'm hoping to have the body top coat of silver completed this weekend, plus the majority of the interior (including using the SMS Faux Fabrix fabric paint), so another update shouldn't be too long in coming.

Cheers all!

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