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Post How-To: Turbo, easy way

Here is a easy way to make turbos, using cheap parts. Please tell me if there are big writing mistakes.

Making of turbines
2 different sizes and ways.

1. Heat and bend some straight pipes from parts trees. If you want bigger turbine, use some tubing. Also straw could be used.

2. Cut away another pipe.

3. Heat again and align that turbine.

Different ways to mockup
1. Fresh air intake
2. Compressed air goes into engine, through the intercooler, or straight
3. Exhaust manifold hooks up here. It will spin that turbo.
4. Exhaust pipe exit.

Here is bigger turbo. Two pipes are bent around a brakeline pipe. Also straw, aluminium pipe or something like, could be used.

Smaller turbo mockup. Exhaust turbine, placed into exhaust manifold, made out of solder.

Glue the middle part to exhaust side. You can place turbo oil lines there.

Glue compression turbine to rest of the turbo. I used velocity stacks, from some carbureted engine. You could use air cleaner or straw in here too.

Example of 4-cylinder engine.
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