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Revell 2004 Chevy SSR

Chevrolet introduced the SSR at the 2000 Detriot Auto show and it was a huge hit, enough so Chevy decided that they would produce the popular 2 seat roadster. Powered by GM's bulletproof 5.3 litre Vortec all aluminum V8. which produces 300 horses. which is connected to a 5sp Automatic transmission

The Chevy SSR has a very unique convertible top, which comes apart and folds into a small compartment. allow there to be alot of trunk space.

The most striking item on the SSR is the styling, vintage Chevrolet. with smooth lines. The SSR wears 19" rims up front, and 20's in the rear. giving the truck/car a classic lean to it.

Revell did a fantastic job replicating this truck to scale. molded in black, transparent, red, gray, and white plastic. which helps in the painting process. there are four small mold line on the truck, on the front under the headlight, and about 3/4 of the way down the bed, which are very easy to remove. cause they are in places that don't have alot of detail that could be sanded away. there is 0 flash on this kit, everything is super clean, just like Tamiya kits. The kit also includes and up top, which is perfect. and fits to the body perfectly. which is a rare thing cause up tops usually warp, and don't fit that well.

The motor on this kit is great, but it is missing two items. A quick cross reference with the Silverado reveals a missing air conditioning pump (part #54 in the Silverado kits). A/C is standard on the 1:1 SSR. Also missing is the oil filler cap (part #95 in the Silverado kits). but they are easily fixed.

The chassis is screw together. which at first glance is a turn off, but, when the kit is completely assembled, those screws can not be seen. and are well hidden.

The interior is where I feel this kit shines. fully detailed, and its missing nothing, even has the OnStar buttons on the rear view mirror. which is a detail I thought Revell was gonna miss.

The rims are fantastic, the crome is perfect on it. and they replicate perfectly the SSR's rims.

imperfections on this kit are non existant. it is perfect. it is as good as Tamiya quality. if not better. retail price of the kit is $10.50. which is in line with Revells recent new kits. I give it 9/10.
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