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Re: KIT REVIEWS....Look in here to see other modellers veiws on kits

Revell 2002 Camaro SS-

The Camaro SS/Z28 was one of the best "21st century muscle car" With over 300HP stock, this thing had great potention. Not to mention, you could buy one for as cheap as 8 grand (98-LS1's)

The engine is pretty well detailed, but it would also make good with a pair of Corvette fuel rail covers, just to dress it up. Some problems i had with it are the throttle body doesnt line up correctly with the airbox. Another minus on it, is the air box is molded into the body. No forced induction with out some cutting first. Thats the only real problem with thats under the hood. engine:6/10

Inside isnt that great. The Bad:Alot of things are wrong with this car. A: The car comes with manual window cranks. Um, i dont belive this was an option for 2002. I think its because it shares parts with Monogram's 97 (?) Pontiac Forumula. And, with this kit, the dashboard has the Delco sterio installed. But it comes with the steering wheel radio controls. The steering wheel radio controlls were equipped if only the car had the Monsoon system. interior:5/10

The suspension is fairly simple, but can turn into a major porject. For most people, this kit sits too high, just cutting the coils would work. Up front, the coild dont fit all the way up in the shock tower, letting it wiggle free. If you dont add spacers, the car might get a little front camber. Also, Revell got cheap woth the wheels. Instead of making accurate 17 inch 10 spokes, they decided to make them 16's, jsut so they would fit with the regular Z28 tires. suspension:6/10

The body-its okay, but not great. at all. The way the front facia attaches to the bumper is wrong, so you'll want to fill some lines and rescribe them. Oh yeah, dont follow the directions/box art. In the box art car it shows the reverse lights on bottom and blinkers on top. That is wrong. Do the opposite. Also, the hood, it fits a little tight, so you might brake off the little ass hinges. Plus it doesnt have the real SS ducts. Just some lousy lines to depict the ducts. Also, dont get upset if you get glue on the headlights. Its basically impossible not to. And if you like me, and like to glue everything on, then paint it you might brake the front facia off trying to get the chassis to fit in there. And a tip: Break the window piece in half. Place it in as 2 pieces. A: This way you wont fuck up the paint on the edges of the pillars, and you wonr brake anything. Body:6/10

The Verdict: Great car, fucked up by revell. If you really want a good simple LS1 SS, i suggest getting AMT's Z28, and put the SS Hood, spoiler and LS1Nose on it.
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