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Tamiya Subaru Imprezza WRX Sti

This is one of Tamiya’s “simplified” kits. Most of us who’ve built Tamiya kits before would notice a the lack of parts, and the addition of a small number of ‘new’ parts (such as pre-painted wheels, coloured light lenses, and a few others that you’ll become aware of as the review continues). Nevertheless, the kit comes together very well and is a fair replica of the 1:1 car.

The chasis would be the substance of what I meant when I said this was a simplified kit. The exhaust system and suspension is molded onto the chasis and does prove to be quite a challenge when masking areas off for detailed painting. Builders will also note the absence of separate shock absorbers, instead these are molded onto the interior tub. The kit does feature a chromed tail pipe, and pre-painted gold brake pads that represent the Sti’s Brembo’s well. This adds to the visual dimension of the car as the brakes are quite noticeable through the wheels. The wheels are also pre-painted in gold and are a good representation of the 1:1’s stock gold rims. However, the wheels are not poseable. Also, note that this kit is curbside.

The interior is reasonably accurate with nice detail on the dash. The seats are fairly detailed down to the pleats and the suggested paint mix to closely embody the stock Sti’s seats. The door panels come as separate pieces. This interior has some great potential to be detailed by the veteran modeler.

The body is clean with no flash and easily sanded mold lines. The head and fog lamps are chromed and add depth of the realism of the completed model. There is the option of having fog lamp covers. Tamiya include a small sheet of adhesive silver foil and a template for cutting the foil that make up various parts of the rear lamp. The rear lenses are in clear red and the side blinkers are in clear orange. There were no fitment issues with the lenses except for the side lenses which may prove to be pesky parts to handle as they are rather tiny. Other additions are window masks, metal emblems and metal transfers for the side and rear mirrors. There were no fitment issues with attaching the body to the chasis.

The completed model is beautiful replica of the 1:1 car. The car offers a good place for new modelers to start from and the potential for detailing by the seasoned ones.

~ Accuracy – 3 / 3
~ Fit & Finish – 1.75 / 2 (lack of poseable front wheels)
~ Detail – 1.0 / 1.5 (the lack of proper shock absorbers & no engine)
~ Options – 0.5 / 1.5 (fog lamps or fog lamp covers available)
~ Overall - 6.25

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