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Tamiya Nissan 350Z

Tamiya 1:24th scale Nissan 350Z

This is one of Tamiya's "simplified" kits. Most of us who've built some of their older kits will find a marked difference in what we've come to expect. With that said, the kit was a joy to build and although, the kit doesn’t contain as many parts, the end result is a perfect replica of this beautiful car.

The chasis has the exhaust system, and suspension all molded in (this is what I meant by the kit being simplified). This does pose a very frustrating masking experience when painting the chasis. Since most models are shelved and the chasis is not an often displayed area of a model - this may not be an important consideration for some. The exhaust barrel does come as a separate piece and chromed tail pipes included in the kit. Builders will notice the absence of shock absorbers! The wheels are accurately sized and represented, but, aren’t poseable. The tires are beautiful etched and sized. It is also to be noted that this is a curbside kit.

The interior is probably one of the most outstanding and enjoyable features of this model - the accuracy is impeccable. The details on the dash/console area are, in my opinion, spot on. The seats are well represented – Tamiya have come up with a precise paint mix ratio to closely match the colour of the 1:1’s stock seats. The door panels come as separate pieces and chrome door handles are also included. There is great potential to make this a highly detailed interior if the builder spends enough time on it.

The body is as per Tamiya’s expected quality – no flash, and the mold lines are easily sanded away. I could not find any flaws on the body. The head and tail lights are pre-chromed and the tail light lenses come in clear red plastic. This adds a wonderful dimension of realism to the model. The lenses practically snap into place. Other inclusions body-wise are chrome door handles, chrome side mirror glass, window masks, and metal emblems. The body fits onto the chasis like hand in glove.

The end product is a visual treat, and as I said earlier – it is a perfect replica. This car is one for the new modeler as well as the seasoned builder as it offers the potential for great detailing (especially on the interior as noted above).

~ Accuracy….. 3 / 3
~ Fit & Finish.. 1.5 / 2 – the chrome parts, although an awesome addition, do show some bare plastic when coming off the sprue; and the lack of poseable front wheels may be an issue for some as most Tamiya kits do offer this feature
~ Detail……….1.0 / 1.5 – no shock absorbers & curbside
~ Options……..0.5 / 1.5 – LHD and RHD available
~ Overall……6

Aftermarket parts available = Studio 27 photoetched parts and Scale Auto Style resin body kits.

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