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air suspension leaks sometimes when not car not on

I have a 1997 Lincoln towncar with the air suspension. After parked for overnight I found the car sagging in the rear so I thought a air bag went out so I thought I would take it in to get fixed but the next few nights nothing happen the car stayed level then the next night it went down then the next few nights it stays level. I took it to the dealer and they told me they see nothing wrong and kept it over night and it did not go down. It is like a roll of the dice if it stays level or goes down. I sprayed the air bags and the lines to them with soap water to see if I could find any leaks but I did not see anything. The compressor is buried so unless I know that is the problem I am not going to rip everything apart to not find a leak or is that where I should be starting. If the car is running everything stays level and no light is on. Any one else have this problem? Sorry I do not want coils in the car I like the air suspension.
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