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Question '98 Oldsmobile Intrigue Multiple Issues.

I recently bought an '98 Oldsmobile Intrigue, I do not know much of anything more than how to check fluids and were to put them when low, So here's the issues that I have come across.

  • roughish idle. when stopped and in drive it has a rough idle but not bad yet.
  • Driver Side windows do not go up or down. The driver window is stuck with a 1/4 inch gap I keep weather proof tape over it. the back window slides up and down but not with the button also held up by tape. I can hear the motor running when I press the button but no luck.
  • A/C motor works but no air blows out of the vents.
  • Driver side back up lights don't work and Driver side front blinker or parking light does not work.
  • Security light recently come on and can't get it to go off whenever the car is started and it is a steady light no flash or blink.

I already know there is a small leak in the radiator and even with the issues it has I love the lil car and want to fix it up to proper working order. So any suggestions that can help on what I can possibly do?
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