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Re: 2003 windstar rear axle beam assembly

Originally Posted by jemst View Post
I just had this fail and pay for the fix about 2 months ago. The recall was done soon after the initial recall notice (remembering that they did not have parts in to do it at first) and then they recalled it again to verify it was done correctly. Now it failed and broke through the reinforcing brackets that were installed by the recall to prevent the axle from breaking. Dealer said they could not cover the failure and pointed me to the Ford 800 consumer line and they were VERY negative and outright dismissive. Gave me a PO box in in MI that they said I can write a letter to and stated it is not covered and they would do no more.

The thing they kept pointing to is that I had the recall done. Had I not had the recall done they stated they would have covered it. Kind of a backward thinking as I followed their guidance and had the recall done ASAP initially to avoid the broken axle and the potential of serious accident.
Sorry this happened to you. A tech or manager telling a bald-faced lie at a dealership service department is pretty typical. However, in this case, we were given a year to get the axle fixed for $300 (or free if the brackets were "improperly installed"). And there were many reports of those (obviously pointless) brackets failing prior to that happening. So while it's literally the least they could do, at least it was something. I went for replacement as soon as that bulletin came out because I knew I was on borrowed time with the original axle. Heck, I had the crack right there and the service tech tried to tell me it "wasn't that bad". What that means is "I'm paid peanuts for warranty work and hope you'll just leave". I can't blame him for not wanting to work for almost nothing, but this is a dangerous failure so I'd never risk it.
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