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Re: AU ll remote retraining help

Originally Posted by sierrasaph View Post
hi all, i have a AUll XR6 i purchased a couple of months ago, only has one key, remotekeypad doesnt work. i purchased a aftermarket remote on line and have been trying to retrain the locks without luck.

points to note.
when i unlock the drivers door with the key, only drivers door unlocks, if i push the popup button, all doors unlock and cycle.

when i lock the door, all doors lock.

interior light works.

i tried the 61 minute BCM reset, when i turnrd the ignition to ACc, after going through the motions, beeping, dashlights, door open, i was left with a small t on the LCD display, i tried pushing the heated window button 3 times, but doors will not cycle as intended.

Any help appreciated, thanks
Google how to reset remote. They have a lot of pictures on how to do the job.
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