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Originally Posted by Tom2013 View Post
Call the ads! I did. People posted for over a year! No phone calls. People who did not even list. Some charged $500, some charged $300, some charged $200. They do not have a price set anywhere on their website. If they were legit about it, they would!

Then I called about this supposed financing. It's a dealership doing financing! You get a qualified buyer who needs financing, and send them to Empire? Right! The Dealer is just gonna talk them out of your Private Sale and into what is on "Their" lot! Bullshit!

These guys do not advertize a price, or who they finance through, and some of the people who I called were promised a money back guarantee. Again, nothing like this you can find on this website!

Yet don't believe me. Call some of the ads yourself! There is not ONE that I called that got a single call on their ad. One guy said that I was the first to call in over a year! 2-3 weeks? 4 out of 5 sell in that time? Really! Well then why has this guy who has not even got a price listed for his 2011 Ford F350 not gotten ONE call in an entire year? Over a year? He paid $455. It seems to be a variable price that they place the ads for. I guess whatever they think you will pay.
Not every site is a scam. Yet look at the site first. If they claim they offer something, you had better see that on the site. If they ask for a certain price... they should be stating that on the site, and finally, if they claim they have had sales of some specific amount, well they need to show evidence of that, or at least letters from satisfied customers that they can contact.

Otherwise, you have just wasted your money.
Yep scam scam sammers, no answer on their phone and emails are not accepted.
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