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Re: Empire Vehicle Solutions - SCAM

Originally Posted by joedebaggio View Post
I registered my 2012 fl50 with a girl named tammy i believe she said her name was.When she initially called i was very nervous about talking to her because of all the scams. i Looked up their company and they seemed to have some negative reviews. After she offered to give me the last week off the service for free i decided to go ahead and give it a shot. after all ...if i didnt like it i thought i could just get my money back.I called in after a few hours to tell her my wife was not very impressed and wanted to cancel the service. The problem was i was informed that they already placed my ads and couldnt give me a refund. I took a look online and sure enough there they were. In the end .. i had a few calls and about 3 serious offers. After 3 and a half weeks my vehicle ended up selling through the financing. I think that overall there service is pretty decent. If you have a higher priced car truck or suv.. there aren't many options for selling it privately unless your buyer arranges their own financing but banks don't always approve everyone. I also went to their office to make sure it existed which defiantly calmed my nerves.. minus the fact that they are located right in the worst area of surrey! All in all i would reccomend it to my friends who arent looking to sell their vehicle in a very tight time frame
Wow I am getting dodged and fucked around by this company ,have my doubts that they even exist anymore
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