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Re: Are cushy cars boring?

Don't assume that tidy size and a 4 cylinder engine will always get you gas mileage. I had an 08 Saturn Aura with the 229HP 3.5 V6 and the 4 speed OD tranny. The thing got better fuel economy (30+ MPG) traveling interstates than most 4 cylinder cars I've ever owned. I recently traded the Aura for a 2010 Honda CRV 2 WD with the 180 HP 4 cylinder. The best the little Honda has done so far is 24 - 25 MPG on trips - even with its sophisticated I-VTEC engine and 5 speed OD tranny. Its stablemate, my "cushy" car, is an 06 Jaguar S-Type with the 4.2 300 HP V8. It'll smoke the Honda on long trip fuel economy as well - but it uses premium gas. We took the Jag on a 1600 mile trip this summer - she averaged 28.5 MPG with the AC running, and, she sure ain't boring to drive.

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