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Red face Re: Lock, and power seat problems!!!!

I do not think it is mechanical, no sound, movement, nothing what so ever. i was hoping someone could post a diagram showing what fuse the door would be but i think i can check it today and hopefully sort that out. i really really need help diagnosing my problem with the key though, i forsure need to lubricate the locks and all.. (the door handle stays out instead of retracting back to door) the door panels seem like they have all been ripped of before so i will check the mechanical workings of the locks but i have a hard time believing that they would all fail the same time the power seat stops and it not be the fuse... but you said 40 amp fuse does that mean there is just one 40 amp? i wired robots in highschool, so i have some background with this stuff, so if i need to replace switches or wires.. then it won't be much of a big deal, just hoping i can get some help diagnosing.. i hope it's just a fuse, thanks shorod
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