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Re: Your Car Audio System

yea i got my 15" tumult that i've had for about 2 weeks now. still havnt even heard it hooked up yet im going crazy. i still need a amp. i got my box built 4.3 cubes tuned to 33hz. its gonna be loud in the back of my jeep.
96 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
5.2 L 135k miles.Flowmaster muffler/mangaflow cat
I wrecked it about a month ago. damage is the front end passenger side. i have 3 good 80% tread 30" wild countrys bought from les schwab. (4th one poped due to accident.)I also have brand new (still wraped in plasitc) front/rear bumper covers. the grey ones. also a brand new chrome grille.let me know if you need something. it will be going to the junk yard in a few weeks so hurry
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