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Re: General Auto Insurance 101

Originally Posted by fredjacksonsan
No Fault
I never handled a no fault state, but in these states you usually take care of your own vehicle, regardless of fault in an accident. If you live in a no fault state then make sure you get a very good explanation of how the insurance works.
In a no fault state it does not refer to if you pay for your own vehicle, it is regarding MPC or you Medical Payments Coverage which means that no matter who caused an accident, if someone is hurt, their own insurance covers it. So that way liability does not need to be determined before they can get paid for their doctor bills.

What you are refering to is the different ways which states handle claims. Some states have a law stating that if you are even 1% negligent, you can not collect from the other insurance company. Some have comparitive negligence in which one company may only pay for part of the claimants losses. There are many other but I dont want to get into too much detail. If anyone has any questions regarding this, feel free to send me a message.
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